Axial Super-sizes the Yeti

Axial Super-sizes the Yeti

With Yeti fever dying down (a bit), at least the news around Axial’s newest model of rock racer/crawler, they have turned up the heat and are the excitement level by teasing a new, much, MUCH, larger version of this rig; Yeti XL.

The coming-out party for this machine took place last week at the iHobby Expo and those in attendance had an opportunity to see it in person.  To help demonstrate the size difference over the standard version, they placed an original Yeti on the top of the XL.  That really drives the point home that this new model is an absolute beast.



With no price information available yet, you can place your best-guesses as to what this monster will go for when it becomes available.  Given the great reviews and praise showered on the Yeti, I think it’s safe to say that the final price will be well worth the investment.

Pricing information has been released and the Yeti XL will retail for $699.99.

UPDATE – 10/8/14
Axial has released information about the Yeti XL Monster Buggy. In addition to the product details, a video has been posted showing this beast in action.

Learn more about the Yeti XL:

Photo credit: Axial