Axial “Scores” with Their New YETI SCORE Trophy Truck

Axial “Scores” with Their New YETI SCORE Trophy Truck

As promised (at least teased), Axial raised the curtain and cleared the fog around their master photo that was posted on Twitter last week.  There was much speculation as to what the announcement would be, everything from an off-road truck to a radio-controlled dirt bike were kicked around as possibilities on forums and social networks.  In the end, a vehicle was announced that should please a large number of R/C and off-road racing enthusiasts.

Building on the wild success of their ready-to-run (RTR) Yeti ($429.99 on and Yeti XL ($649.98 on rock racer platform, introduced in 2014, Axial has rolled out the Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck, a 1/10-scale, RTR machine that’s ready to tackle any outdoor track you can dream up.  Since the origins of this racing truck lie within the Yeti, you’ll find many similarities between it and the original.

Axial Yeti Trophy Truck

The chassis structure on this trophy truck is very close to that of the first Yeti, with a few small detail adjustments to better-suit the body that rides on top of it.  Powered by the same Vanguard 3150KV 4-pole brushless motor, this machine isn’t lacking for power out of the box.  To help you control that power output, this package includes a 3-channel Tactic radio system (2.4GHz), and a Vanguard AE-3 waterproof ESC that is capable of accepting 3S LiPo and 8 NiCELL batteries.


  • Length: 23″ (583mm)
  • Width: 12″ (305mm)
  • Height: 8.3″ (210mm)
  • Wheelbase: 14.2″ (360mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 1.7″ (43mm)
  • Weight: 6.65lbs (3kg)
  • Motor: Brushless 3150KV 4 Pole Electric Motor
  • Radio: Tactic TTX300 3-Channel SLT Radio
  • Servos: Tactic TSX45 metal gear servo
  • ESC: Vanguard AE-3 ESC, 3S LiPo, 8 NiCELL, Forward / Reverse, Waterproof

Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck Chassis

The Axial Yeti 1/10-scale SCORE Trophy Truck has a selling price of $449.99 and is available from a number of hobby shops.  Learn more about this R/C truck at

Pick up the Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck today for $449.97 on

Image credit: Axial