Axial RR10 Bomber Unboxing [Video]

By: Tim Gluth

Wanting something a little bit different, yet still familiar, I picked up an Axial RR10 Bomber rock racer after the Christmas holiday. This machine has been very popular among those in the R/C hobby and I can see why. It could easily be viewed as either the evolution of Axial's Wraith, or the combination of the Wraith platform and the Yeti. However you look at it, this rock racer is big, beefy, and looks capable of handling any type of terrain.

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Initial Thoughts

  • I can't wait to drive this beast outside.
  • The tube-frame chassis is very solid and very familiar.
  • The suspension seems both nimble (for handling on complex paths) and also substantial enough to take a beating if you "drive it like a rental".
  • The easy-access battery tray is a nice feature and very handy to power the vehicle on and off.
  • The rest of the electronics may be a bit tougher to get your hands on, but it is possible.
  • Side note: My first attempt to reach the internal electronics resulted in the removal of the upper portion of the chassis/cage. While this method works, there are details on Axial's website that mention removing the skid plate to access the internals. This is the method that I am attempting next, as I need to perform a receiver swap to accommodate my  FlySky GT3B transmitter.
  • Did I say I can't wait to drive this rig???

View our unboxing video of the Axial RR10 radio-controlled rock racer.
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