Are you part of a R/C club or group?

Up until now, most of my r/c adventures have been either solo, with my kids, or with a friend that lives nearby.  How many of you are part of or know of groups in your local area that race, bash, or just get together to talk about the hobby?  I’ve seen how community-driven this hobby can be just by the interactions I’ve made online this year, but finding local camaraderie is a bit tougher (not to mention finding the time in which to do it).

I came across a video by a group in the Quad Cities that looks to have the group hangout concept down to a science, and they put out some entertaining videos to boot.

So, are there any groups like this in your neck of the woods? If so, leave a comment with some info and I’ll gladly help spread the word here! After all, the more the merrier!