App Review: HPI Lap Timer for iOS

App Review: HPI Lap Timer for iOS

I frequently search around the iOS App Store to see what new tools (and games) are available for the R/C enthusiast. Late last year, I came across a free iPhone app from HPI that might serve some racers and speed fanatics well.

While there are plenty of apps that will let you keep on top of lap times, this app goes a little further in providing modes for a race, timing sector speed, and timing laps. As you should expect, this app is easy to use and requires no real detailed technical background in order to start timing your practice and race runs.

While I didn’t have an official track to test the app on, I did manage to turn some laps on a makeshift course and was able to get a feel for how the app would “handle”. HPI’s app is quite nice in that it’s a straight-forward timer that offers some great features for racers and gearheads alike.

If you’re looking to track your practice laps, select Lap Mode from the home screen and you’ll be ready to start the timer and track your lap times. The functionality is very similar to other stop watch apps (and stop watches for that matter) in that you can press Lap to begin tracking new lap times. As each lap is tracked, you’ll see the timing displayed on the top-half of your screen.

Taking things a step further, Race Mode allows you to program the race distance (in time) and specify your target lap time. You’ll get a Target Result that will be visible once you begin tracking, which is a great way to see how your practice lap times stack up to your race setup.

There’s also a Sector Mode available if you want to break things down further.

With all of these modes, you are given the opportunity to save your run history which comes in handy for charting your progress from race to race. At the low price of free, this app is hard to pass up, no matter what level of competitor you are.

Download HPI’s free Lap Timer app for iPhone (Japanese App Store Link)