Adam Clift's Regal & Weathered Carisma SCA-1E Range Rover

By: Tim Gluth

Hot on the heels of Stuart Pardue's Carisma Scale Adventure SCA-1E spotlight, I'm proud to showcase another stunning customized Carisma build. Adam Clift, one of the team drivers for Carisma Scale Adventure, is an amazing scale builder and customizer. With a talent for turning a brand new rig into something that looks well-worn, he set his sights on one of Carisma's newest scale R/C kits.

Starting with a box-stock SCA-1E Range Rover Deluxe Kit, Adam let his imagination run wild, converting a rig that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor into a trail-ready warrior. Through a combination of hand-crafted washes, he weathered the body to give it a worn, yet regal finish.

Adam Clift SCA-1E Land Rover - 3

"I just don’t think they look right factory fresh so I have to dirty them up, I like them to look like they have 200,000 hard miles on the clock before they leave the bench." - Adam Clift

The trail-tested visual aesthetic didn't stop with the body. Adam also hand-painted the front LED light buckets and turn signal light to match the ultra-realistic appearance of his rig. The quest for fine detail didn't end there, as he added a rear window wiper and crafted handmade styrene inner fenders for both scale points and to help keep the chassis components clean. To finish off the rig, he attached an Axial SCX10 Jeep Cherokee JCR roof rack and bolted on some license plates from RC Adventures UK.

Other than shortening the springs slightly, Adam hasn't done much to modify the chassis of his SCA-1E Range Rover. For electronics, he chose to install a 20T, 5-slot Konect motor and paired it with Carisma's ARC-2 ESC. After everything was said and done, he had built an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind trail machine.

Adam Clift SCA-1E Land Rover - 5

The rundown on Adam's custom Carisma SCA-1E Range Rover:

Adam Clift SCA-1E Land Rover - 6

If you want to see more of Adam's scale R/C creations, including this customized SCA-1E Range Rover, check out his AC Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Image credit: Adam Clift/AC'S RC

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