A “Sketcher Madman”

As I prepare to paint up my first R/C body, I’ve been getting many ideas out of my head and onto digital paper. Auto design and creating paint schemes for race cars has always been something I’ve enjoyed, both from the viewing standpoint as well as the act of creation. As I’ve been working on possiblities for my first “real life” paint layout, I’ve caught myself thinking back to my college days and to one class in particular.

Though my college career was focused on digital design, I was encouraged to take courses that focused on, well, improving my hand-drawing abilities. (My style has always been a little rough around the edges, but that’s how I operate.). One class in particular was focused on Industrial Design and rendering models by hand. As the only, and I do mean only, digital design student in the class, I felt a little like a fish out of water.

During one critique session, the instructor was reviewing my work and made reference to a term that one of his old professors had used, back in the day. While I don’t remember the exact quote, I do remember the core phrase: “Sketcher Madman”. I’m sure the term was meant as a word of caution to slow down and rein-in my work and line character, I’ve embraced it in a different sense. I look at the rough, unruly, and unkempt lines as something similar to a rough clay model that is then refined and tuned to a polished, near-production prototype.

Aside from that stroll down my memory lane, here are a few of the ideas I’m considering for my “budget bodywork” experiment.