A New Racing Resource: RacingRCCar.com

A New Racing Resource: RacingRCCar.com

The people that you meet in the R/C hobby can be as unique as the vehicles that they build and drive. I’ve lost count of the number of amazing individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing during my relatively short time in the hobby. That said, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about quality.

Much like myself, some of these folks strive to tell the world about the joy and fun that the radio-control hobby can provide. Richard Metcalfe is one of these hobbyists who, after some time away, has come back with the goal of sharing his knowledge about the R/C world.

Focusing on the racing and competition side of the hobby, he’s launched racingrccar.com, a resource for aspiring R/C racers and those new to the hobby.


If you’ve been searching for additional sources of hobby information, this looks like a solid option to bookmark. Keep up with Richard’s latest posts by visiting racingrccar.com.

Image credit: racingrccar.com