A massive review of GPM products from Asiatees.com

A massive review of GPM products from Asiatees.com

Amazing Asiatees.  The GPM products that I ordered arrived so its time for another review.

Well can I first start by saying thank you to RCNewb on Twitter and to Felix from Asiatees for all there help over that last year I wouldn’t be where i am now without you  so THANKS!!!!!!!!.

Now to the products I placed a order a week or so ago for a Servo, Gearbox Housing, steel gear set, chubs, shocks and bearing kit. In this first review I will speak about the servo, gearbox and chubs and bearings I will review the shocks next week for you as I still need to do more testing on these.

Gearbox – The aluminum gearbox housing for an Axial SCX10 is a great upgrade both for strength and looks I decided to order the red GPM gearbox as I liked the look of it and I must say when it turned up I really wasn’t disappointed. The quality of the aluminium is second to non from what i could see with my eye there wasn’t any flaws in it.

Upon fitting the hardened steel gears made by GPM and the new bearings made by BOOM Racing I found the everything to be a really nice fit. The bearings are really nice and smooth (don’t forget to pack them with grease for waterproofing reasons). Also the gears fit perfect into the housing with no binding. Once fitting everything and testing in my hand it was time to stick it into the car. The gear comes with 4 new bolts to secure it to your skid plate all holes lined up perfectly. Upon the test runs up to  today it is a little louder than the stock tranny case but with that it provides a lot more strength  I would recommend this for any SCX10 its worth every penny.


C-hubs – I fitted GPM steering knuckles 2 weeks ago to strengthen up the steering once fitting these I noticed I still had quite a lot of slop in my chubs so I thought I might as well put some chubs on as well so I ordered  GPM knuckles and fitted these. They are a really good fit nice and tight to fit to the axle and the knuckles fit nice with no play but no binding. Upon fitting these to the axle it feel rigid with no twist well non that you can see by eye and there isn’t any slop in the steering at all now so its really precise. The aluminum seems really good quality it hard to mark and put dents in so seem good to me. If i was going to fit these again i would buy the knuckles at the same time as they both work well and there isn’t really any point getting one without the other.


Servo – Last but not least is the servo it is a cys2213 specs are as follows

  • Dimensions(mm): 40.1×20.1×38.8
  • Weight:56g
  • Speed(@6V sec/60°): 0.10
  • Torque(@6V): 12kg.cm/166.50 oz-in
  • Speed(@7.4V sec/60°): 0.09
  • Torque(@7.4V): 13kg.cm/180.38 oz-in
  • Gear: TitaniumBearing: 2BB
  • Case: Aluminium
  • Motor Type: Corless motor
  • 25 Tooth Spline
  • Waterproof: Yes

This servo is great it has more than enough torque and speed for a short course truck in a bashing and racing environment also as it is fully waterproof it would be great in a scale stuck.

We installed it into a Turnigy Trooper SCT from HobbyKing and took it for a good old thrashing in the woods, whilst out doing this I found it to be more than adequate for the truck it was nice and fast but had the torque find a line and hold it also with it having titanium gears there isn’t much chance of stripping a gear. I would recommend this for most applications like 2wd/4wd buggy, 2wd/4wd SC and scale trucks. They also do other servos ranging from 5kg-20kg in standard size and they do a 40kg one for you large scale boys.