A Little Project: Introducing, SmallScaleRC.com

A Little Project: Introducing, SmallScaleRC.com

I got into this hobby back in 2012 to get away from Web design, which had been my prior, self-proclaimed “hobby”, not to mention what I do for a living. Even with those best intentions, I’ve fallen into a trap. I keep creating more websites and setting up more social media channels to help promote these sites. The cool thing, however, is that these sites are all R/C-related, and they help me enjoy the hobby, even when I can’t take my vehicles out for a spin.

A project that I’ve wanted to get off the ground for some-time, finally saw the light of day this past weekend. SmallScaleRC.com went live, and I’m very happy to tell you about it. Much like RCNewb.com, it will focus on the radio-controlled vehicle side of the hobby, but with a twist.

Shortly after I picked up my first (and only, to-date) 1/18 scale vehicle, I fell in love with the mini and micro side of the hobby. I love every aspect of the hobby, that’s true, but there was something special about these smaller vehicles. The ability to drive them anywhere, and have something that I could let my kids drive around without worrying about trashing hundreds of dollars was appealing. Channeling the same desire to share how awesome these miniature machines are, as I have done with this site, I went about setting up a new project.

SmallScaleRC.com will focus on vehicles ranging from 1/16 and smaller (down to 1/36 scale). One area I’m especially looking forward to is letting my kids share their thoughts (through my writing) on these cars and trucks and what they think about them. It’s a fun, ongoing project that I’m happy to have taken the wraps off of.

Please check the new site out and let me know what you’d like to see as it gets rolling!