A Fully-Optioned On-Road Kit: Tamiya’s TA07RR

A Fully-Optioned On-Road Kit: Tamiya’s TA07RR

The experience of building an R/C kit has many stages, one of which is upgrading your stock build for more performance and durability. If you’re a hobbyist that wants a one-stop shop when it comes to a premium-level on-road kit, Tamiya has a new offering that you might want to take a closer look at.

Their TA07RR Chassis Kit offers up an optioned-out version of the TA07 Pro, which is a highly-refined kit in its own right. Taking that supreme level of on-road performance to the next leve, the TA07RR has been blessed with an assortment of aluminum and carbon fiber components to help you get the most out of this touring car chassis.

Tamiya TARR07 Chassis Kit - 2

A carbon front stiffener, aluminum stiffener mount, and soft front and rear stabilizers are just a few of the standardized parts you’ll find on this 1/10-scale kit. The TA07RR measures 370mm in length, with a width of 187mm, and a wheelbase of 257mm.

Priced at $746.00, the TA07RR On-Road Chassis Kit is available through a variety of retailers. To learn more about this hopped-up R/C car kit, visit tamiyausa.com.

Image credit: Tamiya