A Father/Son FPV Team are the Latest to Join Team Futaba

A Father/Son FPV Team are the Latest to Join Team Futaba

After taking some time to catch their breath, Futaba has jumped back on the throttle, adding more FPV pilots to their growing “air” team.

Their latest signing is a two-for-one deal, a father and son tandem of Ron and Jackson Richter. Ron (the father) has been flying FPV quads for a number of years and has been winning at various events across the country.

His son, Jackson, has been with him throughout the journey, and as more than just a member of the cheering section. This 9 year-old pilot has impressive skills and has been honing them every step of the way.

From Futaba:

“Together, they take on tracks all over the country, build experience, and, as Ron says, “love every minute of it.” Jackson said, “This sport is the most amazing fun ever, and I want to be a part of it for a very long time!”

There’s no question they’re excited to be on the team. “I am super proud to be joining the amazing Futaba team! Thank you! Even more proud to be doing it with my son”, said Ron. “Thank you Futaba for this amazing opportunity”, said Jackson. As excited as they are, Team Futaba is even more happy to have them aboard.”

Learn more about this dynamic duo at FutabaRC.com.

Image credit: Futaba