3D Printed Motor Enclosures from Exclusive RC

3D Printed Motor Enclosures from Exclusive RC

The boom in popularity that scale radio-controlled vehicles has enjoyed shows no signs of slowing down. Not only are manufacturers designing R/C trail and on-road rigs with increased visual details, but hobbyists and smaller startup shops have been getting in on the act as well.

When you factor in the growth that 3D printing has enjoyed over the last year and a half, there are no limits to the types of scale accessories and details that can be dreamt up and added to your radio-controlled machine. Exclusive RC, a newer brand that’s been gaining popularity in the R/C scaler scene this year, has a number of 3D-printed products that will take the visual appeal of your R/C car or truck to the next level.

One of the most-interesting and highly detailed accessories that Exclusive RC produces are their 3D-printed, 1/10-scale engines. Featuring complex designs, these items feature gears, belts, spark plug wires, headers, air filters, and any number of additional visual details to help hobbyists round out their scale rig. However, the most-unique aspect of these items may come from how they’re installed.


While you could certainly drop one of these engines into your rig and “call it a day”, a majority of these Exclusive RC scale engines can house a 540-size can motor. Not only are you getting scale detail from this accessory, but it’s also designed to marry form and function by being installed over a front-mounted electric motor.

Their latest model is a 1/10-scale Ford Coyote replica (#ERC237), featuring exquisite detail and is assembled from a variety of individual 3D-printed pieces. Regularly priced at $95, this engine model is available for a special pre-order price of $80.

Along with the Coyote, Exclusive RC offers 3D-printed replica engines for Toyota, Chevrolet, and Mopar models, along with some non-specific engine creations that are packed with scale detail.

The Lineup of Exclusive RC 1/10 3D-printed Engine Replicas

These scale goodies aren’t the only products available from Exclusive RC. They already have a large (and growing) amount of accessories on the market and are showing no signs of slowing down. Learn more about Exclusive RC and their growing list of products at exclusive-rc.com.

Image credit: Exclusive RC