1 driver + 1 Axial Wraith = 1 around-the-clock challenge!

By: Tim Gluth

I've been fortunate to have met many truly amazing people through this hobby, from all corners of the globe.  These folks range from general hobbyists to hardcore fanatics.  Ok, there's no such thing as a "general hobbyist", so we'll just stick with varying degrees of hardcore.  On the extreme end of that scale is Tim Smith, whom I've gotten to know and admire for what he's done through his career in the hobby.  A few weeks ago, he set out to see if he could get eight hours of run-time out of a MaxAmps battery while driving his Axial SCX10 around a local crawler course.  Mission accomplished.  Now, he's set his sights on a much larger target.

With the eight-hour goal achieved, Tim Smith is gunning for a few records with a run that he's going to be making Saturday, April 12, 2014.  Attempting to set three Guinness World Records, he has some big names behind him in this around-the-clock, 24-hour effort: Axial, MaxAmps, CowRC, DNA Energy Drink, Boca Bearings, Novak, and many others.

The three records that he's shooting for are:

  1. Longest distance on a single battery pack.
  2. Longest distance in 24 hours.
  3. Longest time a single driver has driven a single RC car.

As announced on his Facebook page, Tim will have a live stream of the day's activities that you can follow along with.  As a fellow R/C addict, I wish him nothing but the best with this challenge and I look forward to seeing what he can do during this 24-hour run!


Tim was able to grab at least one record from his run this past weekend.  Here's a post from the man himself:

With the insane success of this "24 Hour Iron man Challenge" in the books it all breaks down like this. I ran 57.88 miles of total distance in 24 hours breaking the existing Guinness World record of 21.25 miles.

For more recap on Tim Smith's 24-Hour Challenge, check out his Facebook page or timsmithracing.com.

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